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Deciding to Represent Yourself

Here are some of the pros and cons of being your own lawyer.


  • Costs: You may pay less money overall if you represent yourself. A Lawyer bills between $150 to $400 per hour they work on your case. 
  • New Experience: You will learn a lot about the law and our legal system.
  • Sole Client: As your only customer, your case will always come first.


  • Training/Skills:  A lawyer has had seven years of college.  Also, a lawyer makes arguments and does legal research full time. You will have to put in a lot of work to reach their skill level.
  • Same Standard: The law applies to us equally, regardless of our job. The Court will hold you to the same standard that a lawyer is.
  • Time Costs: A case will take a lot of time and hard work. You will need to:
    • Research and understand the law affecting your case.
    • Learn what paperwork to fill out and what hearings to attend.
    • Complete the required paperwork and prepare for court.
    • Collect and organize the facts of your case.
    • Make good arguments that persuade the Court.
    • Understand your options and decide which option is best for you.
  • Too Personal: A case brings a lot of conflict and stress. This may make it difficult to make wise decisions.
  • Unforgiving Mistakes: You are going to make some mistakes as your own lawyer. However, some errors can be very unforgiving.  A single mistake may prevent you from:
    • Being able to start or keep the case open.
    • Being able to file a document. 
    • Presenting a piece of evidence or call a witness at a hearing.  
    • Starting an appeal or raising an argument as part of that review.
  • More Money:  You may have to pay the other side's costs or lawyer's fees. You pay these costs when you lose the case or bring a request without legal support.


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