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How do I Choose a Lawyer?

Get referrals:

When you hire a lawyer, you should take the same careful steps as when you choose a doctor, dentist, home contractor, or other expert. A suggestion from someone you know and trust, based on that person’s own experience, is often the best way to find a good lawyer.

  • Lawyer referral services: There also are lawyer referral services in Colorado that can refer you to lawyers based on where the lawyers’ offices are and the type of legal work you need. A referral service cannot assure the quality of the lawyer’s work.
  • Advertisements and Directories: Telephone directories and advertisements also are places for finding a lawyer. When reading an ad, remember that lawyers create their own ads and pay for the space used to publish them.

Attorney Specialization:

  • Colorado does not certify lawyers as specialists in any particular field. However, lawyers may advertise themselves as specialists in a given area of law. You might want to consider a lawyer who specializes, or has a lot of experience in, the kind of legal issue you are facing.

Background, Qualifications, and Experience:

  • It is a good idea to gather information about any lawyer you might hire before your first meeting. You can find information on the Internet, at some public libraries and bar associations, and in legal directories.

Interview the lawyer:

  • The process of selecting a lawyer should include an interview. During the interview, you should consider how well the lawyer listens to you, how easy it is to understand the lawyer’s explanation of your legal problem, and how you feel about the lawyer’s abilities.
  • During the interview, you may ask questions about the lawyer’s background, qualifications, and experience, such as:
    • Where did you go to college and law school?
    • How long have you practiced law?
    • How many cases like this one have you handled?
    • What kind of clients do you normally have?
    • Would you be the only attorney working on my case or would others from your office also be involved?
    • Do you belong to any legal groups?
    • Do you belong to any other civic groups?
  • Before you call, prepare a short written summary of your case. Lawyers will ask questions before they decide to take a case. Make sure you are ready with answers.
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