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Step 4 - Decision

Who Does this Step?

  • A panel of three Judges on the Court of Appeals.

How is a Decision Reached?

  • The Judges will consider the written arguments and the Record on Appeal.
  • They will review each Issue on Appeal and decide if there were:
    • Any errors in the law,
    • Clearly wrong factual findings, or
    • If there was an abuse of the deciding court's decision-making authority.

How Long Does it Take?

  • Each case is different, but on average it will take about four months. 

How will I be Notified?

Common Terms Used in the Opinion.

  • Affirmed - The appeals court will keep the deciding court's decision.
  • Reversed - The appeals court will have the deciding court's decision changed.
  • In Part - Applies to only some of the Issues on Appeal.
  • Vacated - The judgment or order is ended. 
  • Remanded with Instructions - The appeals court is giving the deciding court instructions on what to do next. 
  • Dismissed - The Issue on Appeal could not be considered by the appeals court. 
  • Harmless Error - Even if the mistake was fixed, the end result would be still the same.
  • Moot - Because the issue can no longer be changed or has already been resolved, it would be a waste of time to discuss it now.

Supreme Court Review

Why do This?

  • If you disagree with the Court of Appeals' legal reasoning, you may ask the Colorado Supreme Court if they will give your case one final review.

It's Discretionary.

  • The Supreme Court will review your request and decide if a further review is appropriate.

How often does the Supreme Court take Cases? 

Same Limitations. 

  • The Supreme Court is under the same limitations as the Court of Appeals:
    • No new evidence, 
    • Credibility determinations made by the District Court,
    • Preservation, and
    • Standard of Review.

When is it Due? 

  • The request is due within 42 days from when the Opinion is issued.

Forms and Instructions:

  • Be sure to read the detailed instructions and forms provided below. 

Procedural Law for Supreme Court Review

This list is to help you start your legal research and is not a comprehensive list of the law that may affect your case.

Forms & Instructions

These are the forms and instructions for requesting an additional appellate review by the Colorado Supreme Court. That request is made in a document called a Petition for Writ of Certiorari.

How to Get More Help

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