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Step 2 - Record on Appeal

What is it?

  • The Record on Appeal contains:
    • The documents that were filed in your case,
    • Any exhibits that were submitted at the hearing, and
    • A record of what was said at the hearing in a document called a transcript.

Why is this needed?

  • An appellate court may not consider any new facts or evidence. It must rely solely on the facts that were presented to the District Court.

When will this happen?

  • The District Court clerk will send the Record on Appeal within 63 days from when the Notice of Appeal was filed.
    • The Record will not be sent if you failed to complete one of the steps in the checklist.

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Record on Appeal Checklist

To ensure that the Record on Appeal is sent by the District Court to the Court of Appeals, do the following:

Checklist uncompleted 1

File in the District Court on Time

The Notice & Designation are due within 49 days of a final order.

Checklist uncompleted 2

Appeal Cost Bond

The $250 Bond should be posted (or waived) when you file with the District Court.

Checklist uncompleted 3

List Which Transcripts

Enter which transcripts (if any) you will be purchasing in the Designation of Transcripts.

Checklist uncompleted 4

Order the Transcript

Submit a Transcript Request form to the District Court for the transcripts you designated.

Checklist uncompleted 5

Purchase the Transcript

If you ordered a transcript, you must post a down payment to start the transcript and then pay any balance once the transcript is finished.

Checklist uncompleted 6

File in the Court of Appeals on Time

File the Notice & Designation within 49 days of a Final Order.

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