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Child Welfare - Dependency and Neglect Appeals

  • What May be Appealed: You may only appeal a final decision in the case. Final Decisions include:
    • Termination of Parental Rights.
    • An adjudication that the Child was Dependent or Neglected.
    • Disposition and Entry of a Permanency Plan Hearing.
  • Due: You must start the appeal within 21 days. Outside of that window and the opportunity to appeal has ended.
  • File: Notice of Appeal & Designation of Transcripts - JDF 545 with the Court of Appeals and in the District Court.
  • Arguments: You will submit your arguments for the appeal within 21 days of the Record on Appeal being certified. Be sure to read Colorado Appellate Rule 3.4(f) for the content requirements of the Opening Brief.

Steps to Appeal

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Start the Appeal in the Court of Appeals

File Notice & Designation within 21 days of the Final Order.

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File Notice & Designation in District Court

File within 21 days of the Final Order.

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Order and Purchase Transcripts

File a request with the District Court for any transcript you requested in the Notice & Designation.

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Record on Appeal

Due 42 days after the Notice is filed.

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Opening Brief - Arguments for the Appeal

Due 21 days after the Record is certified in the Court of Appeals.

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Answer Brief - Government's Response

Due within 21 days after the Opening Brief is filed.

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Reply Brief - Optional Reply to the Answer Brief

Due within 14 days after the Answer Brief is filed.

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