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Step 1 - Start the Appeal


Can and Should I Appeal?

What do I File?

Where do I File?

  • File the forms with the Court of Appeals and file a copy with the District Court.

When do I File?

  • You must start the appeal within 49 days of:
    • A Final Order, or
    • An Order Denying a timely filed Motion for Post-Trial Relief, or
    • An Order deciding a Petition for Magistrate Review. 

What do I Pay?

  • Post the $250 Appeal Bond when you file with the District Court. AND
  • Pay the $223 Filing Fee when you file with the Court of Appeals.


  • Give a copy of both forms to the other parties in the case.


More Info: Fees, Bond, Transcripts, and Stays of Action

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Step 2: Start the Appeal

Complete each of these steps to start the appeal.

Checklist uncompleted 1

File the Notice & Designation with the Court of Appeals

Must be filed within 49 days of the Final Order.

Checklist uncompleted 2

Pay the $223 Filing Fee with the Court of Appeals

See Step 1 for instructions on how to waive the fee.

Checklist uncompleted 3

File the Notice & Designation with the District Court

Must be filed within 49 days of the Final Order.

Checklist uncompleted 4

Post the $250 Appeal Cost Bond with the District Court

See Step 1 for how to waive the bond.

Form Kits

These PDF fillable files contain the complete set of forms needed for a particular process. As you fill in an item of information, it will transfer through to the rest of the forms. Go to Step 1 for more information on waiving the fees and bond, and filing a Stay. Go to Step 2 for instructions on the Notice of Appeal & Designation of Record.

How to Get More Help

Appeals are hard. Click the Contact Options link below to get help. On that screen, go into the Sherlocks section to find self-help staff to answer your procedural or forms questions. Find a time to get legal information or advice in the clinic or events calendar sections. Or, find a free or moderate fee lawyer in the Find a Lawyer section.

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