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Information and video on how to participate in a Webex court hearing

This information and video tutorial will guide you on how to participate in a Webex virtual court hearing

Participating in a Webex Virtual Court Hearing

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic and related orders, many judicial districts in Colorado are holding remote (virtual) hearings on family, civil and criminal cases. This will allow you to make your court appearance, and connect to the judge, attorneys, and others involved in your case, without having to enter the courtroom.

If your case is scheduled for a remote hearing, you must participate on Webex Meetings through a Webex-compatible computer or mobile device with a camera and microphone.

If you do not have a device, contact your local Court to ask what you can do.

You can click HERE to connect to local judicial district’s information for more specific details on their local virtual courtrooms.

Please click HERE to watch a video on how to participate in Webex court hearings.

Additional WebEx Tips can be found here.


                                                        Tips for the hearing

Please keep in mind, a virtual courtroom has all the appropriateness requirements of a physical courtroom:

  • Professional clothing is required when appearing in court in person or by video.
  • Be prepared and organized.
  • Have any exhibits provided to the Court and other parties before the hearing.
  • Keep background noise to a minimum.
  • Be in a location with excellent cell or internet service.
  • Only one person should talk at a time. Do not interrupt or talk over others.
  • Webex does not record the video so please make a verbal record and no gestures.
  • Your case may not be called right away and may take longer than if you were physically present. Please be patient.
  • Making any video or audio recordings of WebEx court proceedings is strictly prohibited.
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